GDP Hype: Meet Canby

   Photo: Joey Leaming, courtesy Canby Facebook page

Photo: Joey Leaming, courtesy Canby Facebook page

Written by Chad Taylor

Ed Note: We're spending the next couple of weeks introducing you to the acts that will be making up this year's GDP Music Festival, sponsored by the always-fantastic DMMC. The festival will take place on April 25th in downtown Des Moines at Wooly's, Streetcar 209, and the Beechwood Lounge. Make sure to get your tickets and keep checking back for a new band hype every weekday leading up to the event.

They say the Devil is in the details. Maybe he is. Personally, I've never seen the Devil, but I have seen Canby, and I can tell you that it's the details that make the band so irresistibly, undeniably good.

The band is huge--their Facebook page lists 17 members, though the actual performing number varies. While it might sound like overkill (I myself have given the band ribbing in the past for its perceived bloat), there is a method to Canby's madness. This band is front man Scott Yoshimura's baby. The Envy Corps drummer started Canby pretty much on his own, but somewhere along the line, Yoshimura  has decided that the best way to give a band that Wall of Sound vibe is to use as many bricks as possible. The result is huge, complex, vibrant and joyful. Canby is Yoshimura's "Pet Sounds," only if "Pet Sounds" were a living, breathing, ever-changing entity.

Early in the band's career, some people criticized Yoshimura's vocals as the weak link in Canby's chain. But as time has gone by, Yoshimura's voice has found itself, and on the recently released "Alive Inside" he sounds like a cross between Tom Petty and a mid-career Paul Simon. You put it all together, and the result is the grandest, most dynamic, most unique thing happening in the city right now. GDP may have to follow 80/35's lead and move to Western Gateway Park, because I'm not sure any one venue is big enough for this sound.