Band Bombshell is all about helping you discover new music. While you'll find a lot of coverage on acts passing through the Central Iowa region, we feature musicians from all around the world. 

Musicians: Get in touch. We'd love to feature you or your music on the website. 

Listeners: If you want to try your hand at music writing, visit the contact page and shoot us a message. 

Read on to get to know the writers, editors, and photographers behind Band Bombshell.

  Erika Owen  // Editor-in-Chief, Writer @erikaraeowen

Erika Owen // Editor-in-Chief, Writer @erikaraeowen

 Chad Taylor // Managing Editor                   @ChadTaylor

Chad Taylor // Managing Editor                   @ChadTaylor

  Cody Osen  // Photo Editor                           @DesMoinesLive

Cody Osen // Photo Editor                           @DesMoinesLive

  Joseph Gonzalez  // Photographer

Joseph Gonzalez // Photographer

 Brenna Norman // Photographer  @brennanorman

Brenna Norman // Photographer


 Chance Hoener // Writer                                  @ChanceHoener

Chance Hoener // Writer                                  @ChanceHoener

  Rae Fehring  // Writer                     @raefehring

Rae Fehring // Writer                     @raefehring

  Frank Merchlewitz  // Writer                               @Frank_Merk

Frank Merchlewitz // Writer                               @Frank_Merk

  Cady Colosimo  // Writer

Cady Colosimo // Writer