Patricia Prijatel Storyteller Award

So, some of you may know that I’m a second semester senior (oh, god) at Drake. Yesterday, the Drake School of Journalism and Mass Communication awards banquet happened and Band Bombshell got some love! Patricia Prijatel used to be the director of the magazine program and Drake and is basically superwoman. Begin Anchorman voice: She’s kind of a big deal at the SJMC. They named an award after her and this is the second year they’ve awarded it to someone. It recognizes a senior student for taking journalism outside of the classroom and finding, reporting, and sharing stories that inspire and motivate. And I hope that’s what this blog does for some of you–find new and exciting music from musicians in the Des Moines area. So, thank you Drake SJMC! It’s seriously appreciated. Now here’s a photo of my bright blue (and deathly pointy) award. (April 15, 2013)